University Awards Students of 2016, Chooses “Little Blue Whale" to Be Mascot

author:2017/04/07 12:40

Nanjing University held an award ceremony on  Xianlin Campus on December 30 to give titles of “Students of the 2016 Year” to  those with excellent performance in campus cultural activities, academic and  scientific research, public services, innovation and entrepreneurship, and  self-reliance.The ceremony also launched  the campus mascot, the Little Blue Whale.

The selection and recommendation of Students of 2016 was part of the  university’s theme activities of “holding lofty ideals and pure initial wishes,”  aimed at finding and praising best students and using them as role models to  create a healthy environment for students’ growth.

In 2016, the university took as its fundamental task the cultivation of high  moral values and education in how to “button the first button” in life. It  encouraged the students to be brave in having big dreams, pursuing their dreams,  and working as pioneers, forerunners and dedicators in the forefront of the era.  

A video was shown at the ceremony that covered the university’s theme  activities that started last November.

First year student Li Jiehui shared her experience in a speech titled “Being  a great person in pursuing my dream.”

Many other award winners spoke of their stories at the ceremony.

Zhang Yibin, chancellor of Nanjing University, and Chen Jun, academician of  the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the university, presented to Yu  Fan and other nine students the certificates and cups with the honorary title of  “Student of 2016 at Nanjing University.”

Liu Hongjian, vice chancellor of the university, and Wang Zhilin, vice president, presented to Wang  Danliang and nine other students the honorary certificates of the “Nominee for  the Student of 2016 at Nanjing University.”

At the ceremony, the students put on the drama, “NJU and I, Young Forever,”  to pay homage to such scholars from Nanjing University in history as Zhu Xie,  Cheng Qianfan, Shen Zufen, Zhao Jiuzhang, Chen Wanli, and Guan Lu, who aimed  high, held fast to their initial dreams, and through their action, lived out the  spirit and character of the Chinese nation, setting examples for teachers and  students today.

Because the phrase “blue whale” in Chinese is near-homophonic with “Nanjing,”  students often express their love for the university by calling it “Blue Whale  University,” and the “little blue whale” for a long time has been the cartoon  image beloved by on-campus student societies and teams of artistic innovation  and design.

In fact, students designed many cartoon images of “little blue whale” of  their own accord and used the images for various publicity activities and  products of artistic creation.

The university will register the trademark of the “little blue whale” and  used it as the symbol and mascot of the campus culture.

The formal initiation of the “NJU little blue whale” was witnessed by  Chancellor Zhang Yibin, President Chen Jun, Zhong Chihang, a School of  Government Management undergraduate enrolled in 2013, Huo Ran, a School of  Marxism postgraduate enrolled in 2015, and other teachers and students present  at the ceremony.


As the ceremony was held on the eve of 2017, all students stood up and took  the “Oath of the Talents” in unison to show their determination in 2017 to hold  fast to their initial dreams. By “talents,” the university means talents of the  future with the world vision, Chinese spirit and Nanjing University  characteristics, the kind of quality youths the university is trying to nurture  in answer to the call of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.  

General Secretary Xi Jinping has emphasized that it is a lofty mission of  young people today as required by the era to sow the seed of dreams, to pursue  these dreams, and then to make them come true, and that it is the responsibility  endowed upon young people by history to have the courage to have dreams, the  nerve to pursue them and make efforts to achieve them. The growth of young  people into talents will give strong impetus to the realization of the Chinese  dream and to the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.

The award ceremony ended with the chorus of “Dreams Begin from the Heart” by  all presented.

Many university officials and representatives of student advisers and  students participated in the ceremony, including Guo Suiping, a member of the  standing committee of the CPC Nanjing University committee and director of the  organizational department, members of the student affairs steering committee,  persons in charge of students’ affairs from other relevant departments, persons  in charge of departments and schools, the deputy deans in charge of  undergraduate teaching, the deputy deans in charge of graduates’ affairs, deputy  secretaries of the CPC school committees, deputy secretaries of the Youth League  committees.

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